Drum Equipments

Drum Equipments

Drum Lifter

FIE 163
Cap-300 Kgs.
Max:200 mm

Less lifting force by a reliable hydraulic pump. Easier moving with two big size rollers and one caster wheel. New Model  FI - 022   DT250 Lifting Capacity (kg/lbs) 250/550 Lifting Height (mm/inch) 345/13.58 Lifiting Per Stroke (mm/inch) 22/0.87 Drum Size   572 mm (22.5"Diameter), 210 Lifters (55 gallon) Net Weight (kg/lbs) 42/93.

  • Lift and move steel/ Plastic drums easily, economically with the Kijeka Hydraulic Drum Truck
  • The Hydraulic Drum Lifter handles drums up to 22-1/2" in dia.
  • Lift height is 12-1/2" to the bottom of a standard 34-1/2"H Steel Drum
  • 11.25" Llift height- with 300 Kgs capacity
  • Two rigid and one swivel-locking caster for easy maneuverability.
  • Caster lock helps prevent accidental rolling.
  • Pallet truck-type pump handle takes the effort out of lifting drum

Product Code   FIE-163
Rated Capacity kg 300
Max. Lifting Height mm 200
Overall Height mm 915
Drum Size mm Ø572 ; 210 ltr
Self Weight kg 50