Hydraulic Dock Leveler


An electro-hydraulic dock leveler is described as a bridge for connecting a vehicle to a building.

The series is completely driven by hydraulics with convenient operation and reliable running.

Simple operation with the push of a button, Electric hydraulic Dock leveler is ideal for high usage dock areas. 

Operator pushes and hold the “raise’ button which activates the hydraulic pump and raises the deck. When the deck reaches the raised position the lip automatically extends. The operator releases the “raise” button and deck descends to rest on the trailer. 


  • MS I-Beams are used under the top chequered plate to take all the load capacity.
  • For Top platform 5/6/8mm chequered plate is used as per capacity.
  • Bottom frame is made of MS Angles, Flat Bars and Channels. 
  • Flap will be made of 12/14/16mm MS Plate as per capacity requirements.

Hydraulic Cylinders     

  • Hydraulic Cylinders are inclined mounted with an appropriate rod, bore, and stroke size as per capacity requirements.
  • High strength steel piston rod is precision ground and hard chrome plated to ensure anti-corrosive and durability of seal.
  • Seamless Honed Tubes (Steel) to a micro-finish are used to ensure long piston seal life and prevent failure of the cylinder.
  • One Single acting cylinder for Main platform and one double acting cylinder for flap is used.

Paint: Entire structure shall be powder coated or PU finish painted after a surface finish process. 

Power Pack & Accessory:
AC Power Pack with three phase induction motor, Gear Pump, Cartridge solenoid valve, Pressure relief valve, Flow control valve, Check valve, Suction filter with hydraulic hose pipe and fittings.

Single Button operated power-pack allows the dock leveler to be operated by a single push button. Main Deck and Lip both operates simultaneously with a Single Push Button.

Four Button operated power-pack allows the dock leveler to be operated by four push buttons. All operations i.e. Deck UP/ Deck Down / Lip UP / Lip Down are done separately with push button for each. 

Panel Board: An Electrical Panel is provided for safe operation and motor protection. An overload relay, contactor, MCB, SMPS, PRA Relay, Limit Switch etc. are used.


  • Easy to bridge the gap between your factory floor and Vehicle floor.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Both side toe guards.
  • Perfect solution for warehouses, Industries, factories.
  • Rubber Bumpers at both side of Dock Leveler.
  • Flap is also operated from hydraulic cylinder so it is easy and fast to use.

Specification of Hydraulic Dock Leveler

Product Size
Capacity (Kg) 6000 Kg / 8000 Kg / 10000 Kg / 12000 Kg (As per requirement)
Platform Size (LxW) (mm) 2730 x 2000 (As per requirement)
Lip Size (LxW) (mm)
2000x400 (Three Parted) (As per requirement)
Single Button Operated / Four Button Operated  (As per requirement)
Lower Height (flushed in pit) (mm) 600 (As per requirement)
Working Range (mm) +/- 300 (As per requirement)
Cylinders One for Deck, One for Lip (As per requirement)
Power Pack 1 - 1.5 HP (As per requirement)
Motor 3 Phase (As per requirement)
*Tolerance in lifting and technical Specs. +/- upto 20mm

*Note: There may be any specification/dimensional change. If these specifications are critical, the proposed application should be discussed.