Counter Balance Full Electric Drum Stacker


This Fully Electric Drum Stacker is very efficient, fast, easy and reliable method for handling, loading and unloading rimmed drums. Drum Lifting is done by a hydraulic power-pack and Movement is done by Rider type Driving System.

  • Snap-on eagle beak structure, suitable for the lifting, loading and unloading operations of steel drums, using electrical movement.
  • Dedicated walking control system, stable walking, light and flexible, single operation.
  • The multi-function control handle of man-machine integration, walking step-less speed controller, high-power reversing switch, integrated hydraulic Pressure pump station, high-power walking driving wheel.
  • Suitable for handling and stacking steel oil drums and plastic oil drums.

Specification of Counter Balance Full Electric Drum Stacker

Drive type / Electric
Operating type / Standing steer type
Load capacity kg 420
Lifting height mm 2400
Total height mm 1860
Total length mm 2270
Total width mm 1170
Turning radius mm 2150
Max grade ability (fully-loaded/ no load) % 3/5
Driving wheel size mm ǿ250*80
Tire / Polyurethane
Brake Type / Electromagneting Braking
Drive motor power kW 1.2
Lifting motor power kW 2.2
Noise level Db(A) <70
Battery voltage / capacity V/Ah 24/210
Charger V/A 24/30
Net weight Kg 990
Drum rotating range º 135º