Fully Electric Drum Handling Equipment


This Fully Electric Drum Lifter and Tilter is very efficient, fast, easy and reliable method for handling, loading and unloading rimmed drums. Drum Lifting and Tilting is done by a hydraulic power-pack and Movement is done by Rider type Driving System.

  • It is suitable for the transportation, lifting and overturning of 55 gallon iron drums and 200L closed plastic drums.
  • A matching charger, the whole charging process does not require special supervision, making it safer and more convenient.
  • Can be operated by one people, labor saving with high work efficiency.

Specification of Fully Electric Drum Handling Equipment

Drive type / Electric
Operating type / Standing steer type
Load capacity kg 600
Lifting height mm 2400
Turning radius mm 1910
Max grade ability (fully-loaded/ no load) % 3/5
Driving wheel size mm 250*80
Tyre material / Polyurethane
Braking method / Electro magnetic braking
Drive motor power kW 1.2
Lifting motor power kW 2.2
Battery voltage/capacity V/Ah 24/30
Battery parameters V/A 24/210
Net weight kg 692
Rotating range º 360º