Power Propelled Drum Racker


It is a very efficient equipment in picking up drum vertically and stacking them in horizontal and vertical both positions. It is operated by a battery-operated power pack. Drum Picking and Rotating both done by hydraulic power.

  • To rack 55-gallon steel or plastic drum with bottom rim up to 1250 mm.
  • Electric clamping and hydraulic rotation.
  • Lift and upright drum & place in horizontal position on & off racks, pallets, trucks etc.
  • Special pressing process C-shaped two-section mast, sturdy and durable.
  • Vertical oil drums can be rotated into a horizontal state and stored on the shelf.

Specification of Power Propelled Drum Racker

Load capacity Kg 350
Net weight Kg 415
Wheel dimension mm ǿ80*55/ǿ150*50
Turning radius mm 1280
Pump unit power Kw/h 1.5
Battery Ah/V 120/12
Vertical drum lifting height mm 1250
Horizontal drum lifting height mm 2000