Dual Mast Hydraulic Goods Lift


Hydraulic Goods Lift is a fix structure used to shift materials from one floor to another. The Dual Mast Goods Lift has two side Hydraulic Cylinders with guide structures of “C” Channels.


  • Goods Lift's Main part i.e. Guide channels are standard VSP/SAIL (E250A grade) make with MS Guide rollers. 
  • Mast and Forks are made of heavy 5mm Thick MS Pipes and 10mm thick flat bars.
  • Top platform with railings are made of MS Pipes, and Sheet.
  • If it is required to cover the goods lift with structure it can be made from MS sheets, Wire-mesh, MS Pipes and Angles. 
  • MS Square Bar and Round bars are used to make chain pulley set.
  • 12B-2 Series Heavy chains are used as regular. 16B-2 Series chains will be used if Capacity requires.

Hydraulic Cylinders:

  • Hydraulic Cylinders are straight mounted with an appropriate rod, bore, and stroke size as per capacity requirements.
  • High strength steel piston rod is precision ground and hard chrome plated to ensure anti-corrosive and durability of seal.
  • Two Nos. Hydraulic cylinders are provided.

Two, three or four side railings are provided as per user requirements.

MS Cabin made of MS pipes or MS Panels or MS Wire-mesh can be provided as per user requirement.

Collapsible Doors:
If require, MS Collapsible doors can be provided for additional safety. They can be interlocked mechanically from lift platform. It provides full safety. Additionally Fully automatic doors made of MS Panels or Perforated Sheet are also available.

Entire structure shall be powder coated or PU finish painted after a surface finish process. 

Power Pack & Accessory:
AC Power Pack with three phase induction motor, Gear Pump, Cartridge solenoid valve, Pressure relief valve, Flow control valve, Check valve, Suction filter with hydraulic hose pipe and fittings.

Motor Make
ABB/ Bharat Bijlee/ Crompton/ Rotomotive (This makes of motor as per routine however in case of non-availability of this makes, we may use other standard make.)

Panel Board:
An Electrical Panel is provided for safe operation and motor protection. An overload relay, contactor, MCB, SMPS, PRA Relay, Limit Switch etc. are used.


  • Limit switches on each floor and door are provided.
  • Railings or Doors or cabin are provided as per user requirement.
  • Standard Make raw materials are used.
  • A MS Stand is provided for safe mounting of Power Pack and Panel.
  • 24V electric circuit is used with overload motor protection for safe operation.
  • Fully customised as per requirement.

Optional Features:

  • Collapsible Doors / Auto Doors at Entry and Exit with Interlocking System.
  • Excel type elevator locks in Collapsible doors.
  • Cabin instead of railings on platform.
  • Doors on platform.
  • MS Structure to cover all sides of Scissor Lift.
  • Safety light Curtains.

Specification of Dual Mast Hydraulic Goods Lift

Model FIPL-171
Product Size
Capacity (Kg) 500 - 2500 (As per requirement)
Platform Size (W*L) (mm) 800x800 (Min.) - 3000x2500(Max.) (As per requirement)
Min. Height
(Can be flushed in pit) (mm)
300 - 500 (As per requirement)
Lifting Height (mm) 2000 - 8000 (As per requirement)
Power Pack 3 HP - 10 HP (As per requirement)
Levels G+1 / G+2 / G+3 (As per requirement)
Motor 3 Phase; ABB / BBL / Rotomotive / Siemens (As per requirement)
Railings on Platform 4 Sides, 1000mm Height (As per requirement)
*Tolerance in lifting and technical Specs  +/- upto 25mm
*Note: There may be any specification/dimensional change. If these specifications are critical, the proposed application should be discussed.