Electric Floor Crane with Hand Motor Device


If you want to pick a material from lifting belt and then shift it then the floor crane is most suitable equipment. The boom length is extendable which can be set as per the size of your object.

  • The Fully Electric Floor Crane makes material lifting and shifting through hook easy and efficient.
  • Electric Braking makes it safe even on slops.
  • No need to Push or Pull Heavy Loads, electric drive unit assists operator greatly, especially while turning.
  • High quality MS Material, Drive unit, gear box and Curtis controller ensures longer life.

Specification of Electric Floor Crane with Hand Motor Device

Brand     FIPL
Model Number FIPL-141B
Power Supply Battery
Operator Type Walkie/Rider
Boom Extension Type Hydraulic / Manual
Capacity - Q 1000/2000/3000 Kg
Extended Boom Capacity 200 Kg / 500 Kg
Service Brake Electromagnetic
Steering Manual/ Walkie
Drive/ Electrical System
Drive Motor (Kw) 1.5 Kw
Lift Motor (Kw) 24 V DC; 2 Kw
Battery Voltage/Capacity 12 V / 150AH - 2 Nos.
Size of Load Wheels Ø200x50 mm
Size of Support Wheels Ø150x50 mm
Size of Drive Wheels Ø230x70 mm
Boom Extension 700mm
Lowered hook height boom extended 500mm
Lifted hook height boom extended 3100mm
Overall Height 2025mm
Turning radius 1850mm