Portable Gantry


Gantry Crane is an equipment which is used to lift and hold object in place while it's being worked on, fabricated, or assembled. The load isn't necessarily being moved through the facility, but the Gantry Crane itself can be moved around to work on different parts or equipment.

Structure: The Structure of Gantry Crane is mainly consists MS Pipes of minimum 5mm Thickness with cross section size as per capacity requirements. I-Beam is used (size as per capacity requirement) to mount the chain pulley hence the I-Beam took all the load. Heavy MS Flat Bars with Forged Bolts and Nuts are used to mount the I-Beam on side structures. 

Chain Pulley: Manual/ motorised chain pulley block is provided as per user requirements. Travelling trolley can also be provided if Customer requirements.

Wheels (Optional): Size of the wheels will be chosen as per the capacity requirements and Material of wheels are chosen as per the application and environmental conditions.

Paint: Entire structure shall be powder coated or PU finish painted.


Specification of Portable Gantry

Model FIPL-148
Capacity (Kg) 500 - 5000 (As per requirement)
Min. Hook Height. (mm) 300mm. (As per requirement)
Max .Hook Height. (mm) 3100 mm. (As per requirement)
Clear Span (mm) 3000 mm (As per requirement)
Wheel Type Nylon / PU / MS / UHMW / Rubber (As per requirement)
Chain Pulley Block Manual / Electric (As per requirement)
Travelling of Chain Block Manual / Electric (As per requirement)