Mobile Ramp


Movable dock ramp is special accessory equipment which is used for rapid loading & unloading the containers, trucks through forklifts, stacker or other handling trucks by directly going into the carriage. The working efficiency is greatly increased through it.

The Movable hydraulic dock ramp with manual hydraulic control, doesn’t need any other power source and almost maintenance free.

The Movable Mechanical dock ramp has mechanical gear box with Jacks which is also easy to operate and almost maintenance free.
It is also easy and convenient to move and change the working location of the dock ramp by forklift.


  • I-Beams are used as main support under the top platform which took all the load.
  • Main platform is made of 5mm/6mm chequered plate with MS Channel under supports.
  • MS Round Bars are welded on top of chequered plate which makes it anti-skid for Fork-Lift wheels.
  • MS Flap made of Chequered plate will be provided to bridge the gap between ramp and vehicle to be loaded.
  • Heavy MS Pipes and Round Bars are used in Manual Jacks.

Hydraulic Cylinder (Optional): One Nos. Hydraulic Cylinder with straight mounting and with an appropriate rod, bore, and stroke size as per capacity requirements is used.
High strength steel piston rod is precision ground and hard chrome plated to ensure anti-corrosive and durability of seal.
Seamless Honed Tubes (Steel) to a micro-finish are used to ensure long piston seal life and prevent failure of the cylinder.

Railing: MS Channel Railing is provided with standard 300mm Height. It can be changed if needed.

Wheels: Strong Solid Rubber Wheels with MS Hub and Taper Roller Bearings are used.

Paint: Entire structure shall be PU finish painted. 


  • Adjustable Height according to the height of Truck.
  • Small Entry Ramp is provided.
  • Anit-skid top platform.
  • Standard Make raw materials are used.
  • Ramp can be moved by fork lift easily.
  • Minimum 6 Jacks are provided to support and fix the ramp while loading/ Unloading.

Specification of Mobile Ramp

Capacity Q 10 / 15 Ton 10 / 15 Ton
Ramp Length A 7100 mm 7100 mm
Platform Length B 3000 mm 3000 mm
Small Ramp Length C 1000 mm 1000 mm
Flap Length D 300 mm 300 mm
Railing Height E 300 mm 300 mm
Ramp Width F 2200 mm 2200 mm
Overall Length G 11400 mm 11400 mm
Close Height H1 1200 mm 1200 mm
Raised Height H2 1700 mm 1600 mm


*Note: There may be any specification/dimensional change. If these specifications are critical, the proposed application should be discussed