Customised Pallet Truck


If you need a pallet truck for life, durability then this heavy duty hand pallet truck will solve your problem. It is strongly build with high quality and thick MS Channel & Flat Bars. This pallet truck is custom built as per customer requirements. Fork length, width, capacity, lifting height everything can be changed as per your requirements.

The oil pump body is made of welding the prefabricated parts together first, and then machining the welded body. Chrome plated cylinder rod for smooth operation and prevents excessive wear on the pump & seal. Modular design makes it easy to repair and service.

Durability & Safety Low Rolling Resistance

Most Compact and Manoeuvrable Pallet Truk

  • Standard spray painting system ensures the best painting quality
  • PU finish paint give greater anti-corrosion resistance
  • All the joints are fitted with seals to ensures sealing and keep the body from oil leaking
  • Effortless pallet entry / exit rollers to make it easier to push and pull pallet truck by operator.
  • 210 degrees turning radius adds to maneuverability.
  • Reliable oil leak proof hydraulic system.
  • Long operation life and low maintenance cost.
  • Speed lowering valve can adjust the descent speed freely.


  • Color available in Orange, Golden yellow, Blue and others 
  • As per requirement fork width and length.
  • Available with Nylon, Polyurethane or MS Wheels.

Specification of Customised Pallet Truck

Product Size
Capacity (kg) 2500 / 3500 / 5000 As per Requirement
Min. fork height (mm) 90 As per Requirement
Max. fork height (mm) 200 As per Requirement
Lifting height (mm) 110 As per Requirement
Fork length (mm) 1200 - 3000 As per Requirement
Single fork width (mm) 150 - 200 As per Requirement
width over all forks (mm) 550 - 2000 As per Requirement
Fork wheel – tandem (mm) 82x70 As per Requirement
Steering wheel (mm) 180x50 As per Requirement
Wheel Type Nylon / PU / MS / UHMW / Rubber As per Requirement