Hand Pallet Truck


The Hand Pallet Truck is widely used in warehouses, industries, markets for all manual transport tasks over short distances. Heavy loaded pallets are easy to move with this HPTs. It is an ideal “storage aid” and “handling partner”.

Ergonomic large rubber handle ensures a comfortable hold and easy operation.


One-piece cast pump with
reliable oil-proof hydraulic system.

Effortless pallet entry /exit rollers to make it easier to
push and pull pallet truck.

Steering: Easy to maneuver with 210 degrees turning radius. All greased pivot points ensure excellent maneuverability with effortless steering.

Spray finishing: Standard painting system ensures the best power coating and painting quality.

Reliable construction: Heavy gauge steel construction, drop forged lift link arms provide needed strength and durability. 

Easy lowering operation: Foot and hand both controls are available for the lowering function to ensure easy operation.

Options: Available with Nylon, Polyurethane or MS Wheels.


Specification of Hand Pallet Truck

Model FIPL-HPT-101-20 FIPL-HPT-101-25 FIPL-HPT-101-30 FIPL-HPT-101-50
Capacity (kg) 2000 2500 3000 5000
Min. fork height (mm) 65/75/85 65/75/85 75/85 80/90
Max. fork height (mm) 175/185/195 175/185/195 185/195 190/200
Lifting height (mm) 110 110 110 110
Fork length (mm) 1150/1220 1150/1220 1150/1220 1150/1220
Single fork width (mm) 160 160 160 160
With over all forks (mm) 550/685 550/685 550/685 550/685
Fork wheel – single (mm) 80x93/74x93 80x93/74x93 80x93/74x93 80x93/74x93
Fork wheel – tandem (mm) 80x70 80x70 80x70 80x70
Steering wheel (mm) 180x50 180x50 180x50 180x50
Self weight (kg) 60-65 73-92 80-90 120-130
Qty20 feet container (pcs) 180/144 180/144 180/144 180/144