Paper Roll Pallet Truck


The Reel/Paper Roll Pallet Truck lifts cylindrical loads like the rolls of paper, fabric, carpet, steel, etc. directly from the floor and then transports them conveniently.

  • Tandem load rollers give easy running over uneven floors. 
  • Most compact and popular design of pump unit. 
  • Long operating life and low maintenance. 

Specification of Paper Roll Pallet Truck

Capacity (kg) 2500/3000/5000
Diameter of bale (mm) 750 / 1200/1500
Fork length (mm) 1150/1220/1500/2000
Max. width of fork (mm) 760/850/1000/1150
Steering wheel (mm) 180 x 50
Fork wheel (mm) 80 x 70
Weight (kg) 135-175-up to 350