Pit/Floor Mounted Hydraulic Scissor Lift Table


The Stationary / Fix type Scissor Lift table are widely used in vehicle loading / unloading or lifting material from one to another floor. They can be installed on floor as well as in Pits.

These Scissor Lift Tables have solid structures with large carrying capacity and durability of very long life.


  • The Scissor lift table's main part is scissor arms which are made from MS Pipes (Grade- YST210/YST240/YST310). 
  • The top platform and Bottom frame are made from MS Channel, Sheet, Angles, and Pipes. 
  • Scissor Joining Pins are processed through carburizing, hardening, and grinding. These processes make them durable for life. 
  • Gunmetal Bushes / DU Bushes are used at scissor joints for smooth and silent operation.
  • Grease nipples are also provided on pins for smoothening the operation.

Hydraulic Cylinders

  • Hydraulic Cylinders are inclined mounted with an appropriate rod, bore, and stroke size as per capacity requirements.
  • High strength steel piston rod is precision ground and hard chrome plated to ensure anti-corrosive and durability of seal.
  • Seamless Honed Tubes (Steel) to a micro-finish are used to ensure long piston seal life and prevent failure of the cylinder.

Flap / Lip: Flaps can be provided to bridge the gap between scissor lifter and loading vehicle/ floor. The quantity and operation (Manual or Hydraulic) of flaps are as per customer requirement.

Paint: Entire structure shall be powder coated or PU finish painted. 

Electric Power Pack & Accessory: AC Power Pack with three phase induction motor, Gear Pump, Cartridge solenoid valve, Pressure relief valve, Flow control valve, Check valve, Suction filter.

Motor Make: ABB/ Bharat Bijlee/ Crompton/ Rotomotive (This makes of motor as per routine however in case of non-availability of this makes we may use other standard make.)

Panel Board: An Electrical Panel is provided for safe operation and motor protection. An overload relay, contactor, MCB, SMPS, PRA Relay, Limit Switch etc. are used.

Standard Features

  • Carburised and surface hardened Pins with Gun metal Bushing inside at scissor joints.
  • Hard Chrome plated Piston Rod and Honed Tubes for Cylinders.
  • Safe Hydraulic Working with Overload Protection.
  • Electric Panel with MCB, Contactor, Overload Relay, SMPS for Operational Safety.
  • A Remote Box is provided for operation and control with Up / Down/ Emergency buttons.

Additional / Optional Features

  • Railing on Two/Three/Four side of Platform.
  • Collapsible Doors / Auto Doors at Entry and Exit with Interlocking System.
  • Cabin on Top Platform.
  • MS Structure to cover all sides of Scissor Lift.
  • Safety light Curtains.
  • Flaps (Manual/Auto) at any side of Platform.
  • Roller Platform on Top.
  • Sliding Platform to Extend Top Platform length while lifting.
  • MS/Fabric Bellow Cover for added Safety.


Specification of Pit/Floor Mounted Hydraulic Scissor Lift Table

Brand FIPL
Model Number FIPL-134
Load capacity (kg) 500 - 20000 (As per requirement)
Max lifting height (mm) 100-8000 (As per requirement)
Min lower height (mm) As per Platform and Lifting Size (As per requirement)
Platform Size (mm) 900x600 - 8000x4000 (As per requirement)
Operating AC Electric  (As per requirement)
Power Pack 2HP - 25HP (As per requirement)

Note: There may be any specification/dimensional change. If these specifications are critical, the proposed application should be discussed.