Hydraulic Paper Reel Stacker


Handling (Lifting and Transporting) Rolls is no longer a headache. Use this Paper Reel Stacker to arrange rolls of different material like Paper, Fabric, Polythene etc.  

  • Easy lifting & shifting of heavy rolls of fabric/paper/metal/plastic etc. 
  • Load/unload rolls through vehicles.
  • Customised operations as per your need and budget.
  • High quality raw material which gives a longer life and lower maintenance.

Specification of Hydraulic Paper Reel Stacker

Brand FIPL
Model Number FIPL-PRST-123
Product Size  
Capacity (Kg) 500 / 1000 / 1500 (As per requirement)
Lowered Height (mm) 150 mm (As per requirement)
Raised Height (mm) 1600 - 3000 (As per requirement)
Roll Dia. (mm) 800-1000 (As per requirement)
Load wheel size (mm) 82 x 70 (As per requirement)
Steering wheel size (mm) 180 x 50 (As per requirement)
Mast Single / Double  (As per requirement)
Wheel Type Nylon / PU / MS / UHMW / Rubber (As per requirement)
Operating Manual / Battery / Electric (As per requirement)