Semi Battery Stacker


Semi Battery Stacker is an economical choice for a variety of basic material handling needs, Which is a half electric fork lift for load and unload and short – distance transportation. Lift function is electro hydraulic while movement is manual, suitable for all your lifting needs (racking, shelving, unloading etc.). Compact design with strong steel construction.

Economic & High Efficiency

Cost effective handling solution for vehicle loading / production areas with minimum investment. Energy saving and regenerative, safe and efficient design puts the focus on the safety and ergonomic working conditions of the user. 

Light, maneuverable and stable steering wheel with mechanical brake system ensures safe parking under any circumstances.

Simple and convenient operation system:

  • Easy to maneuver: Compulsively controlled wheel ensures good and precise maneuvering.
  • Trouble free power pack: Simple, reliable hydraulics providing access to facilitate service of pump and battery.
  • Easy operation: Ergonomically designed steering handle reduces pulling power and minimizes operator fatigue.
  • Enhanced safety: Foot operated mechanical parking brake ensures safe parking in any situation.
Hydraulic System

The battery operated pump is mounted directly on the hydraulic tank. The lifting and lowering functions are controlled by a valve with built-in over pressure function, which prevents overload. A lowering brake valve ensures that the maximum lowering speed is not exceeded at full load.


Specification of Semi Battery Stacker

MODEL FIPL-SBST113-16 FIPL-SBST113-30/33 FIPL-SBST113-35/40
Capacity (kg) 1000/1500 1000/1500 1000/1500
Lifting height H2 (mm) 1600     3000/3300 3500/4000
Mast type Single Double Double
Fork length L1 (mm) 900/1150 900/1150 900/1150
Min height of fork H1 (mm) 90/100 90/100 90/100
Load center (mm) 500     500 500
Charging voltage AC220V AC220V AC220V
Motor power 1.6 KW 1.6 KW 1.6 KW
Outer width of legs (mm) 795 795 795
Inner width of legs (mm) 360     360 360
Adjustable with of forks (mm) 320-680 320-680 320-680
Rear wheel size (mm) 180 X 50 180 X 50 180 X 50
Front wheel size (mm) 80 X 70 80 X 70 80 X 70
Weight (kg) 300 350/410 550
Closed height H3 (mm) 2080 2150/2300 2600/2850
Extended height (mm) 2080 3625/3925 4100/4600