Telescopic Stacker


If you to have door height constraints but need lifting height above 2500mm then double or triple layer of channels are used in telescopic shape. It is Ideal and economic choice for manual transport and lifting different height (2500mm to 6000mm) and diverse capacities (1000 kg, 1500kg, 2000kg). Ensure to deal with a large number of applications

  • Specifically designed as per customer’s requirements. 
  • Double or Triple layers of Channels to get higher lifting height and lower close height.
  • Pushing/Pulling of Stacker is manual while Lifting and lowering can be chosen from manual/electric or Battery. 
  • Fork can be adjustable or fixed as per customer’s need. 
  • Heavy duty C-shaped steel construction for strength and rigidity.
  • Chip and corrosion resistant paint finish

Specification of Telescopic Stacker

Product Size
Rated lifting capacity (kg) 500 / 1000 / 1500 / 2000 (As per requirement)
Max. Lifting height (mm) 2000-6000 (As per requirement)
Mast Design Double / Triple (As per requirement)
Lowered height of forks (mm) 90 (As per requirement)
Fork length (mm) 800-1200 (As per requirement)
Fork Width (mm) 700-1000 (As per requirement)
Load wheel size (mm) 82 x 70 (As per requirement)
Steering wheel size (mm) 180 x 50 (As per requirement)
Wheel Type Nylon / PU / MS / UHMW / Rubber (As per requirement)
Operating Manual / Battery / Electric (As per requirement)